Challenge Your Friends With Versus Mode!

Lightning-fast multiplayer action comes to The World Next Door.

By Candice Uyloan May 15, 2019

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What could make a game that has fused real-time puzzle battles and striking visuals better than the original? Multiplayer action! Hone your skills against your friends in local 2-player versus battles and see who can claim the title of top spell-caster!

Just learning about The World Next Door? The game launched to great accolades with its unique combination of fun, fierce puzzle battles and beautiful art by Lord Gris. Read on for some of the latest reviews. “I wasn’t sure The World Next Door’s disparate elements would work well together. Turns out it’s a perfect combination. It’s a visual novel with puzzle battles. It’s a frantic puzzle game with a strong narrative. It’s the best of two things I enjoy a lot, with wonderful art and music. It’s an excellent challenge for arcade puzzle fans...”

The “It combines elements of action role-playing games with match-3 puzzle gameplay, somewhat reminiscent of the RPG series Puzzle Quest. Its story has hints of Persona and Undertale, hitting on some similar themes of friendship, magic, and monsters.”

Anime News Network: “Each character you meet is completely unique...This extends to the monsters you fight, called Grievances, which all have awesomely twisted designs. The backgrounds you'll explore with a chibi-fied version of Jun and friends are even more elaborate, with bright colors and fine, hand-drawn details”

Explore The World Next Door for yourself! Out now on: Nintendo Switch, Steam, Humble Store, GOG, and