Calling All Cosmic Heroes!

Legends of anime unite to save the world in Infini-T Force - The Movie!

By Urian Brown January 21, 2021

Hailing from all corners of multiple universes, the brave warriors of the Infini-T Force come together to save the day, and Shibuya, from a dire threat! A dangerous Singularity threatens to destroy all and complicating matters the usually trustworthy Dr. Nambu seems to be involved. Only a handful of brave heroes can set things right!

Itf Movie Screens 1200x630v2

Gatchaman! Hurricane Polimar! Casshan! And now, Joe the Condor joins the team! 

Legendary anime heroes of yesteryear reborn in the the new modern era with gorgeous computer graphics. A continuation from the main Infini-T Force series but with an alternate timeline twist! Fans of old school anime or anyone just looking for epic fights, cool tech and a story full of twists and turns, this is it!

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