Anime...It's Everywhere!!!

It's never been easier to watch great anime! Here's how! 

By Urian Brown August 23, 2019


Anime fans these days have more choices than ever on where to watch their favorite shows. The streaming choices and amount of shows are abundant to say the least. It's never been easier to watch or re-watch your favorite anime and now Roku's getting in on the action. 

Watch Anime on Roku!

Roku is a cheap and easy way to get into the streaming world and they've been bulking up on great anime titles like: Tiger & BunnyHunter x Hunter, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Bleach and Naruto and more coming soon! There's not even a subscription fee, just buy a Roku TV or device. Easy!

You can also find our anime on VUDU, Pluto TV and TubiTV or your favorite streaming service. 

Note: The anime available varies by series, country and streaming platform.