An Avalanche of Anime Now on Go90

Stream hundreds of episodes on any device.

By Amy Mar March 23, 2018

Right now, like right at this very moment, you could be streaming anime. We’ve partnered with Verizon’s Go90 streaming platform to get you the anime you love in places where you are. Turn your smart TV, computer, phone, tablet, or frankly any device that can go online or run an app into the ultimate anime streaming machine. Go90 is a place where you can easily discover, watch and share episodes and live TV on any screen free of charge.

We also hope that you love watching anime the way we do, in a crazy-super-long-who-needs-sleep-type marathon, so we’ve got hundreds of episodes for you to get started with. Shows are available in both Japanese language with English subs and English dubbed. There’s something for everyone, at every screen size!

What are you waiting for? Go watch some free anime from the Go90 app on iOS, Android or at