A Delicious Debut!

Just like any great dessert, Shortcake Cake is sweet but satisfying.

By Nancy Thistlethwaite August 10, 2018

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Shortcake Cake is beautiful. The art style is clean and cute. 

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It’s made with good ingredients:

Ten is our down-to-earth heroine who suddenly moves into a boardinghouse to avoid the long commute to school. She’s cool, sensible, and a good friend to others.

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Chiaki is the first romantic hero I’ve come across in shojo manga who is a bookworm. Not a megane—just a gorgeous, kind guy who loves to read books and is a bit of an introvert.

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Riku is a popular guy who is adept at flirting with girls and putting them at their ease. He wants to really love someone above all others.

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Rei is the spice—very fresh—and very enjoyable. He hates Riku?

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It has many layers.

Ten doesn’t know a lot about her new roommates. They’re all just starting out getting to know each other and becoming friends. There are secrets to be revealed and delicious emotions throughout this confection.

It’s well made.

Not everything that happens in this series will be directly obvious. You’ll savor the subtle complexities that makes this so addictive.

For a little taste of Shortcake Cake, check out the free preview here!