"This is Gonna Be MY Story!"

The Hokage's son sets out on his own path in BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations, streaming free now!

By Charlene Ingram April 12, 2017

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Are you excited to meet the next generation of ninja? Do you want to meet them for free? The first episode of BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations is here and you can watch it right here, right now! Did I mention free?

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Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Naruto series or haven’t watched a single episode (gasp!), it’s hard not to love this new kid on the block. Not only is it a fast-paced Shonen Jump romp with an epically colorful opening theme, it’s a great introduction to our new generation. If you’re an old-school Naruto fan like me, the whole episode felt like coming back to your hometown after being away for a while. The landmarks are familiar, but it’s clear that time and technology march on. It’s a homecoming that leaves you smiling the whole episode.

Much like a good pair of jeans, styles might get an update, but nothing beats the feeling of some good, quality denim. The Hidden Leaf Village is that trusty fabric and Boruto is the freshest new cut. Fashion metaphors aside, this first episode doesn’t let you stew too much in nostalgia. Boruto is his own person and refuses to sit idly by, living in the shadow of his famous father!

Blog Inline Boruto Ep01 1

So yeah, I’m not going to spoil the first episode for you because you simply HAVE to watch it! The Naruto series is a worldwide phenomenon for a reason and BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations is a worthy new addition to your weekly anime watch list.

You can catch new episodes right here for free every week, so be sure to follow Boruto so you never miss an episode! If you find yourself craving more Boruto before the next episode drops, don’t forget to check out the manga in our Shonen Jump free section and Boruto: Naruto the Movie too!