1. Can I buy WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP outside of North America?

    Weekly Shonen Jump is known worldwide as the home of the world's greatest manga. You can subscribe to a digital version of the anthology in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Singapore and India! This anthology includes many of our top series, and can be read in a web browser or on most smartphones and tablets. A 48-issue weekly subscription costs $25.99 and each issue will be published simultaneously with its release in Japan.

    The best way to find the latest info about Shonen Jump is by visiting the official website at For any questions about subscriptions, please email

  2. Where can I buy VIZ Media manga/anime?

    You can purchase our print manga volumes and anime DVD/Blu-rays through our partners. Some of our online retailers include:
    Right Stuf
    Barnes & Noble
    Best Buy
    You can also use the Diamond Comic Shop Locator to find a comic shop near you who may carry our titles: Comic Shop Locator

    For digital volumes of our titles, you can purchase them here through our website, as well as our VIZ app available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also purchase digital through our partners:
    Amazon Kindle
    Barnes & Noble Nook
    Apple iBooks
    Google Play Books

  3. The merchandise I purchased is defective. Can you send a replacement?

    Please contact the store where you originally purchased the defective product for all returns and exchanges, as VIZ Media is not the manufacturer. The store can help with damaged discs and other product issues. However, if you believe the content of the DVD/Blu-ray may contain an issue, please provide us with as much information on this issue as possible.
  4. Where can my digital purchases be viewed?

    Any purchases made through your VIZ account will be available to view in your library, as well as on our VIZ app for Android and iOS. Any purchases made on Google Play, Kindle, iBooks will only be able to be viewed on their respective devices. Mature contents can only be bought and viewed through Kindle, Google Play, and iBooks.

  5. How do I find out about new releases?

    You can check out our new release schedule to find out when your favorite manga titles will be coming out.
  6. Are there any other resources where I can catch up on the latest news from VIZ Media?

    Yes! We’re active on Facebook and Twitter!


    VIZ Media

    Shojo Beat












    VIZ Media

  7. I am interested in obtaining a license for a particular VIZ Media property, what steps do I need to take?

    To determine whether or not you meet the requirements to license a VIZ Media property, please view the Prospective Licensee Application. If you would like to make a proposal, please complete the Licensing Proposal Form.
  8. Can I submit my story ideas/manga for SHONEN JUMP?

    At this time we are not accepting any original content - all of the manga you see in WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP comes directly from the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and its partners. Our office mainly licenses and distributes Japanese products, rather than publish original works. If any contests open up for original manga submissions, we’ll be sure to let our fans know via our social media channels and our websites.

  9. How do I get my foot in the manga industry and do I need to know Japanese?

    Nope, although it is helpful to know! There are many roles within the manga industry that do not require a mastery over the Japanese language. There is a multitude of information about the manga industry available online - Anime News Network and ICv2 are two great resources you can browse. For an entertaining and informative look into Japan’s manga industry, we encourage you to check out the manga, BAKUMAN。

  10. How can I get in touch with a manga creator?

    You can send in fan letters to our office and we'll do our best to forward them along to the manga creator. Please send all mail to:

    VIZ Media, LLC
    P.O. Box 77010
    San Francisco, CA 94107

  11. Where do I send my fan art and when will it be published?

    You can submit your fan art here! However, since we receive numerous fan art on a daily basis, we unfortunately cannot publish every piece of art. Please check the latest issues as well as our Shonen Jump blog to find out whether or not your fan art was published.
  12. I want to work for VIZ Media! Are there any current openings?

    You can view all current job openings at the 'Jobs' page of! You can also keep an eye on the VIZ HR Twitter for the latest updates: @VIZHR

  13. I have questions and concerns not answered in this FAQ, who do I contact?

    Contact us through our ‘Feedback?’ form on the top of this page! A customer support representative will get back to you as soon as possible.