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Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl, Set 2

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Ash, Dawn and Brock continue to collect and train new Pokémon on their travels.Along the way they meet up with Pokémon fossils brought back to life and a mercenary Pokémon thief who can out-thieve even Team Rocket! But if those challenges can't bring our heroes down, nothing can! Except maybe a Pokémon dress-up competition?!Episodes 18-34Disc 3:9 EpisodesPokédexROSERADEType: Grass-PoisonSpecies: Bouquet PokémonHeight: 2' 11"Weight: 32 LBS.Episode 18:O'er the Rampardos We WatchedEpisode 19:Twice Smitten, Once ShyEpisode 20:Mutiny in the BountyEpisode 21:Ya See We Want an EvolutionEpisode 22:Borrowing on Bad FaithEpisode 23:Faced with Steelix DeterminationEpisode 24:Cooking Up a Sweet StoryEpisode 25:Oh Do You Know the Poffin PlanEpisode 26:Getting the Pre-contest TittersDisc 4:8 EpisodesPokédexGLAMEOWType: NormalSpecies: Catty PokémonHeight: 1' 8"Weight: 8.6 LBS.Episode 27:Settling a Not-So-Old ScoreEpisode 28:Drifloon on the WindEpisode 29:The Champ TwinsEpisode 30:Some Enchanted SweeteningEpisode 31:The Grass-Type Is Always GreenerEpisode 32:An Angry CombeenationEpisode 33:All Dressed Up with Somewhere to GoEpisode 34:Buizel Your Way Out of This

Release November 4, 2008
UPC 7-82009-23903-1
ISBN-13 782009239031
Trim Size 10 1/16 × 13
Length 374 min.
Series Pokémon
Category TV Series
Age Rating All Ages