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Neon Genesis Evangelion

The manga adaptation of the landmark animated series that redefined the mecha genre.

Created by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto | MoreLess about Neon Genesis Evangelion

Japan’s most controversial anime series ended...but not the manga version of Neon Genesis Evangelion! Series co-creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s personal interpretation of the Evangelion characters and story is sure to intrigue new and old fans alike. In 2015, the “Angels” have returned, and Shinji Ikari, a fourteen-year-old child of the new Earth, is forced by his father Gendo—commander of the secret organization NERV—to pilot the monstrous biomechanical weapon called “Evangelion” to match the Angels’ fearsome power...

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Neon Genesis Evangelion, Volume 14

The Third Impact has come. As the unbelievably massive form of Ayanami towers over the Earth, the Instrumentality Project enters its last stages. While the world shudders in terror as it is engulfed in a sea of LCL, Shinji’s consciousness merges with Lilith’s, and he searches his memories for a final understanding of himself and the fate of humanity.

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