Donation Requests

Please fill out the following form to request donations for an event. Due to the large volume of requests received, a personalized acknowledgement to your request is not guaranteed. Requests cannot be made for personal use and will only be honored for valid reasons, at VIZ Media’s sole discretion.

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Viewing Permissions

To request permission to show VIZ Media anime titles, fill out the following form completely. Please allow 3 months processing time for all requests. We receive many requests, and respond in order of receipt. Please do not screen any of our titles until you receive permission, which may be granted or withheld at VIZ Media’s sole discretion.

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  • If VIZ Media gives you permission to screen a title, you agree that you and any person or company associated with the screening will follow these rules:

    1. You will not charge a fee for the screening.
    2. You will screen the title(s) only at the time and place listed on the request form.
    3. You will not screen or sell any unauthorized VIZ Media title(s) or related merchandise during the event.
    4. You will not allow the illegal reproduction of VIZ Media titles during the event.

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