Contact Info

Mailing Address:
VIZ Media, LLC
P.O. BOX 77010
San Francisco, CA 94107

Main Address:
VIZ Media, LLC
1355 Market Street, Suite #200
San Francisco, CA 94103

Donation Requests

Please send letter of request, including all specifics i.e. tax ID #, age range, date of event, # of attendees, etc.,
on your organization letterhead to:

VIZ Media, LLC
P.O. BOX 77010
San Francisco, CA 94107

Due to the large volume of requests received, a personalized acknowledgement to your request is not guaranteed.

Requests cannot be made for personal use and will only be honored for valid reasons, determined solely by VIZ Media, LLC.

Viewing Permissions

To receive permission to show VIZ Media anime titles, you MUST print and sign the following form (in PDF* format) and return it to us via

VIZ Media, LLC
P.O. Box 77010
San Francisco, CA 94107



  1. Please allow 3 months processing time for all requests. We receive many requests, and respond in order of receipt.
  2. Please be aware that newer titles may not be available for screening.
  3. We cannot accept permission forms via email.


VIZ Pictures Screening Permission

Kamikaze Girls, Train Man, NANA, Death Note, 20th Century Boys, and other great movies available!

VIZ Pictures film screenings are not free of charge. You must go through proper screening permission procedure so please visit for further information. Thank you!
- VIZ Pictures, Inc.

* PDF stands for Portable Document Format. If you wish to view and print the Screening Permission Form as a PDF file, you will need a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is free and is available for download directly from Adobe's website. If you currently do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get the software by clicking the button below and following the resulting instructions.