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Reborn! 1: What!? I'm a Tenth-Generation Mafia Boss!?

Reborn! 2: The End of School?!

Reborn! 3: Shocking! Cooking With Love and Horror!

Reborn! 4: Eek! a Maiden's Heart Can Destroy!

Reborn! 5: The Leader of the Disciplinary Committee Kills Time.

Reborn! 6: Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!

Reborn! 7: To the Limit! Passionate Brother!

Reborn! 8: The Senior Boss Cares About the Family.

Reborn! 9: Life-shortening Skullitis

Reborn! 10: Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box!

Reborn! 11: The Gyoza Buns of Love and Death!?

Reborn! 12: Master's Training! Strengthening Program

Reborn! 13: New Spring! The Hundred Million Yen Contest

Reborn! 14: First Date!? Hell's Zoo

Reborn! 15: Clash! Survival Snow Battle

Reborn! 16: Escape from Death Mountain!

Reborn! 17: Don't Make Noise When You're Hospitalized

Reborn! 18: Poisoned Love Chocolates

Reborn! 19: 100 Percent Accuracy? Rankings for Everything

Reborn! 20: Sudden Attack

Reborn! 21: Wounded Friends

Reborn! 22: Unforeseen Evil Influence

Reborn! 23: The Final Deathperation Shot!

Reborn! 24: Fighting Back in Different Ways

Reborn! 25: I Want to Win! Moment of Awakening

Reborn! 26: The End and from Then On

Reborn! 27: Eating Sushi to Celebrate Moving up a Grade

Reborn! 28: No Way! I Killed Him?

Reborn! 29: Her Lover Is Broccoli?

Reborn! 30: Hide and Seek On a Luxury Cruise

Reborn! 31: Welcome to Mafialand

Reborn! 32: A Shark Showed up in the Public Pool

Reborn! 33: A Summer Filled With Debt?

Reborn! 34: The Varia Arrive

Reborn! 35: The Seven Vongola Rings

Reborn! 36: Tutors On the Move

Reborn! 37: Teacher and Student Together

Reborn! 38: The Selfish Baby Cow Vanishes

Reborn! 39: The Unseen Enemies' Goal

Reborn! 40: The Battle of the Rings Begins!

Reborn! 41: The Guardian of the Sun Ring's Feelings

Reborn! 42: The Power to Overcome Adversity

Reborn! 43: Thunder Strike from Twenty Years Later

Reborn! 44: The Stolen Sky Ring

Reborn! 45: Raging Storm Battle

Reborn! 46: Reason to Fight

Reborn! 47: The Strongest, Invincible Style

Reborn! 48: Flow of Battle

Reborn! 49: Requiem Rain

Reborn! 50: The Guardian of the Mist Ring Arrives!?

Reborn! 51: Illusion Vs. Illusion

Reborn! 52: The Truth Behind the Mist

Reborn! 53: Slight Uneasineness

Reborn! 54: The Guardian of the Cloud Ring's Frenzy

Reborn! 55: Resolve

Reborn! 56: Gokudera's Story

Reborn! 57: The Sky Battle Begins!

Reborn! 58: Flame of Fury

Reborn! 59: Supporters

Reborn! 60: Deathperation Point Zero Breakthrough

Reborn! 61: Point Zero Breakthrough Revised

Reborn! 62: Tactics

Reborn! 63: Freezing Flame

Reborn! 64: The Truth Behind the Rage

Reborn! 65: Conclusion!

Reborn! 66: Shivering Ghost

Reborn! 67: Vongola-style Open House

Reborn! 68: Happy? Wedding

Reborn! 69: Crazy Criminal Brother Trio

Reborn! 70: The Misfortune of Shoichi Irie

Reborn! 71: Fighting Spirit! Absolute Evil Fist

Reborn! 72: Expulsion Crisis

Reborn! 73: Mother's Day

Reborn! 74: The World 10 Years Later

Reborn! 75: Secret Base

Reborn! 76: Search for the Guardians

Reborn! 77: Flame of Resolve

Reborn! 78: Clues to the Past

Reborn! 79: The First Trial

Reborn! 80: Discord

Reborn! 81: Combination

Reborn! 82: The Strongest Guardian

Reborn! 83: Information Divulged

Reborn! 84: The Long Road Home

Reborn! 85: Where's the Base?

Reborn! 86: The Most Terrifying Tutor

Reborn! 87: Succession

Reborn! 88: 7' Policy

Reborn! 89: Piano of Sorrow

Reborn! 90: Gufo Di Pioggia

Reborn! 91: What You Believe In

Reborn! 92: Your Choice

Reborn! 93: Level D Security Alert

Reborn! 94: Identity Revealed

Reborn! 95: Determination

Reborn! 96: X Burner

Reborn! 97: The Great Chase

Reborn! 98: Declaration of War

Reborn! 99: The Final Trial

Reborn! 100: The Night Before the Raid

Reborn! 101: Night Attack

Reborn! 102: Mission Start

Reborn! 103: The First Barrier

Reborn! 104: Magician of Fate

Reborn! 105: Regret

Reborn! 106: The Students Mature

Reborn! 107: Desperate Situation

Reborn! 108: A Man's Box Weapon

Reborn! 109: Captive

Reborn! 110: The Secret of Merone Base

Reborn! 111: The Enemy Is Octopus Head

Reborn! 112: Boomerang Trap

Reborn! 113: Lightning Strikes Again

Reborn! 114: The Storm Guardian, Stands

Reborn! 115: SISTEMA C.A.I.

Reborn! 116: Difference in Resolve

Reborn! 117: Storm Fights Back

Reborn! 118: The Princess's Conviction

Reborn! 119: Interval Between Battles

Reborn! 120: Virtual Space

Reborn! 121: Two Battles

Reborn! 122: The Ultimate Swordsman

Reborn! 123: The Emperor of Swords' Teachings

Reborn! 124: Obstructing Mist

Reborn! 125: Another Intruder

Reborn! 126: The Best Vs. The Best

Reborn! 127: Mystic Flower

Reborn! 128: Here Comes the Leader of the Disciplinary Committee

Reborn! 129: Operation X

Reborn! 130: Resolve and Irritation

Reborn! 131: Rampage

Reborn! 132: Final Defense Block

Reborn! 133: A Game-Changing Move

Reborn! 134: Hell Knight

Reborn! 135: Arrival!!

Reborn! 136: Revealed Truth

Reborn! 137: Main Battle in Italy

Reborn! 138: Twin Princes

Reborn! 139: Furious Roar

Reborn! 140: Another Sky

Reborn! 141: Reunion

Reborn! 142: The Strongest Seven

Reborn! 143: Trial #1

Reborn! 144: The Arcobaleno Seals

Reborn! 145: Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist

Reborn! 146: Box Weapon Prototype

Reborn! 147: Catch the Wind

Reborn! 148: Two Successors of the Sky

Reborn! 149: Reborn's Trial

Reborn! 150: Closed Path

Reborn! 151: Once the Rainbow is Complete

Reborn! 152: A Boss's Resolve

Reborn! 153: The Final Seal

Reborn! 154: To the Next Battle

Reborn! 155: The Real Six Funeral Wreaths

Reborn! 156: Inspiring Allies

Reborn! 157: Namimori Holiday

Reborn! 158: A Warm Place

Reborn! 159: For My Friends

Reborn! 160: Gaining Mobility

Reborn! 161: Airbike

Reborn! 162: The Sky Vongola Box

Reborn! 163: Terror! Turmoil On Base

Reborn! 164: Vongola Box, Training Begins

Reborn! 165: Boycott Declared

Reborn! 166: With the Same Heart

Reborn! 167: Day of the Battle

Reborn! 168: Choice Begins

Reborn! 169: Sky Lion: Leone Di Cielo Ver. Vongola

Reborn! 170: Fateful Showdown

Reborn! 171: Revenge

Reborn! 172: Kikyo's Assault

Reborn! 173: Choice Ends

Reborn! 174: The Truth About the Future

Reborn! 175: Yuni Comes

Reborn! 176: Escape

Reborn! 177: After the Battle

Reborn! 178: The Primo Family Arrives!

Reborn! 179: Inheritance Begins

Reborn! 180: The Duty of the Guardian of Rain

Reborn! 181: Furious Bolt of Lightning

Reborn! 182: Silent Storm

Reborn! 183: Aloof Cloud

Reborn! 184: Sunny Then Cloudy

Reborn! 185: The Trap Is Set

Reborn! 186: Bewitching Mist

Reborn! 187: Memories of Betrayal

Reborn! 188: Primo's Will

Reborn! 189: The Family's Resolve

Reborn! 190: The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack!

Reborn! 191: Open Carnage Box

Reborn! 192: Alaude's Handcuffs