Movie: A mysterious black cloud kicks Haruyuki and his friends out of the online fighting game Brain Burst. Unable to reenter, they discover that this isn’t just an isolated incident—the cloud is spreading and preventing all Burst Linkers from accelerating. Haruyuki and the others soon learn that, to protect the bond that connects them, they must confront a powerful ancient being that has been sealed away since the dawn of the Accelerated World!

OVAs: Join Nega Nebulous as they go after a griefer who is terrorizing kids in the school’s local network and the Accelerated World in Reverberation, and attempt to life hack a fitness test for Haruyuki in Vacation.

This set includes 1 Blu-ray disc.

Special Features: Reverberation (OVA), Vacation (OVA), Art Gallery, Storyboards, Interview with English Cast, and English Credits.

Release October 23, 2018
UPC 7-82009-24535-3
Imprint VIZ Media
Series Accel World
Category Movie
Age Rating TV-14