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Reborn! 203: To a New Future (Subtitled)

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Reborn! 202: Sea. Clam. Rainbow. (Subtitled)

Reborn! 201: Precious Moments in Time (Subtitled)

Reborn! 200: Sky Full of Desire (Subtitled)

Reborn! 199: Ghost Awakens (Subtitled)

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Reborn!, Volume 16

Tsuna wins the Sky Battle and secures the Vongola succession at last. He responds by passing out, though he manages to revive in time to join his friends in a celebration of the victory. But just when things appear to be returning to normal, Reborn gets into a fight with Lambo. Lambo tries to shoot himself with his Ten-Year Bazooka and hits Reborn instead. What happens next launches Tsuna into his most bizarre adventure yet!

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