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Yokai rumble! Rikuo leads his Night Parade of a Hundred Demons in a street fight against the 88 Demons of Shikoku. But Rikuo doesn’t know that the maniacal leader of the 88 Demons, Tamazuki, is wielding a secret weapon: the Devil’s Blade, a legendary sword that absorbs the energy of the demons it slays. When the sun rises, the Paranormal Patrol visits a girl who’s being visited by a jyami, a type of ghost that only haunts outcasts.

Story and Art by Hiroshi Shiibashi
Release December 5, 2011
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-3896-9
eISBN-13 978-1-4215-4519-6
Trim Size 5 × 7 1/2
Length 200
Category Manga
Age Rating   Teen

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