VIZ Media is the master licensor in North America, Latin America and Oceania for the action-packed superhero comedy about one man’s conviction to be a hero for fun! The bestselling anime is based on the BookScan Top 50 manga series created by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata (ongoing, 15 volumes released to date). Season 1 is currently streaming on Hulu (home video also available) with Season 2 debuting this April in Japan and North America. 

ONE-PUNCH MAN depicts the adventures of Saitama, a young man who only became a hero for fun. But after three years of “special” training, he finds that he can beat even the mightiest opponents with a single punch. Though he faces new enemies every day, it turns out being devastatingly powerful is actually kind of a bore. Can a hero be too strong?

The Licensees

Company: All of the Above LLC
Category:  apparel, skateboard decks, hats, keychains, pins, stickers
Territory:   North America

Company: Ata-boy
Category:  buttons, keychains, magnets, patches, pins
Territory:   North America

Company: Empire Apparel Trading Co. Pty Ltd
Category:  accessories, apparel, bags, beach towels, drinkware, pencil cases
Territory:   Oceania

Company: Funko
Category:  accessories, apparel, bags, consumables, keychains, stylized toys, pen toppers
Territory:   North America

Company: Isaac Morris Ltd
Category:  apparel, subscription boxes
Territory:   North America

Company: Monogram International
Category:  banks, goblets, key rings, lapel pins, magnets, plush key rings
Territory:   North America        

Company: Pyramid America
Category:  doormats, journals and sets, mugs, notebooks, posters, wall decor
Territory:   North America

Company: Zen Monkey              
Category:  keychains, patches, pins
Territory:   North America