We're happy to announce that Good Luck, Yukikaze is now available for sale on the Kindle Store! Yes, the same Yukikaze that inspired the anime, manga and video games.

Our heroes Rei Fukai of the FAF's Special Air Force and the sentient fighter plane Yukikaze return in an all-new fight against the alien JAM. What will happen now that Yukikaze has declared "Humans are unnecessary now," and forcibly ejecting Fukai? Have the artificial intelligence of Earth been acting in concert with the JAM from the very beginning?

If you haven't picked up the original Yukikaze, you're in luck! Until 7/31/2011 BOTH the Kindle Store and the iBook Store have Yukikaze on sale for ONLY $3.99 (originally $8.99).

Buy Good Luck, Yukikaze via the Kindle Store

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**SALE** Buy Yukikaze via the Kindle Store
**SALE** Buy Yukikaze via the iBook Store
Order the print version of Yukikaze

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