We’re super excited to bring you REBORN the anime! It’s a big hit in Japan and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to viewers in the U.S. This animated series is based off of the manga REBORN! by Akira Amano. Now you can watch it for FREE on

The story starts with our unlikely hero Tsuna. He sucks at school, stinks at sports, and he’s socially inept. But all that changes when he meets his new tutor: a fedora-wearing, gun-toting baby! Claiming to be a hitman named Reborn, his new tutor tells Tsuna that he is the tenth head of the Vongola Mafia Boss! Reborn must mold Tsuna into a fearless crime lord. Together with Reborn's 'Deathperation' shot, Tsuna now has to learn what it really means to be the head of the Vongola family, while navigating through a hectic and incredibly dangerous life! The premise may sound a little kooky, but trust us, it’s amazingly funny. It’s also jam-packed with awesome action complete with fistfights and explosions! What could possibly be better than that? Be sure to catch the first five episodes of REBORN on on June 1st! New episodes will start streaming every Wednesday after that so be sure to come back every week to see what kind of trouble Tsuna gets into!