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Shonen Jump Podcast 411

Were you surprised by the debut of Choujin X? So were we. We introduce our newest editor on our team and catch up on our favorite series this week.

Shonen Jump Podcast 409

We catch up with the English Editor and Letterer of Mashle, Kaiju No.8, and Undead Unluck and talk a little bit of how manga and anime work together.

Shonen Jump Podcast 405

We knock out the podcast early in the morning to cover some of our favorite chapters this week! We also cover some delicious Shonen Jump food that was mentioned on this weeks' Twitter question.

Shonen Jump Podcast 404

Two of our favorite manga editors join to talk about the madness going on in Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen. Plus, our favorite answers to this week's Twitter question!

Shonen Jump Podcast 403

A great cast joins us this week as we discuss some of the challenges and detail that go into creating manga for our readers. We cover Kaiju No. 8, Black Clover, i tell c, and many more!

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