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Shonen Jump Podcast 419

It's our last episode before a summer hiatus and we don't hold anything back, as we catch up on everything going in our weekly series, especially our newest series: Neru: Way of the Martial Artist.  

Shonen Jump Podcast 418

We are joined by the letterer of our newest series:  The Hunter's Guild: Red Hood. We discuss the classic Fist of the North Star and catch up on some other great series! 

Shonen Jump Podcast 415

We break down the rage of terror Maki is throwing down in Jujutsu Kaisen. We catch up on all of our favorite's reads from this week including:  Candy Flurry, Sakamoto Days, and One Piece.

Shonen Jump Podcast 414

This week we host the infamous manga journalist, Deb Aoki, to get her thoughts on the state of manga and our favorite picks from this week's chapters!

Shonen Jump Podcast 411

Were you surprised by the debut of Choujin X? So were we. We introduce our newest editor on our team and catch up on our favorite series this week.

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