VIZ Launches New One-Shots Program

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By VIZ Media June 07, 2024

Welcome to the beginning of a new era, manga fans!

The VIZ Originals One-Shots program, launching today, offers aspiring mangaka the opportunity to showcase their talent and passion for the art form that has touched the lives of readers all around the world.

Overseeing the project is renowned former Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Hisashi SASAKI. Watch this special message from SASAKI to learn more:

These four new one-shots are available to read exclusively on VIZ Manga ! Read and root for your favorite original one-shot, and there might be a chance that it gets turned into a full series!

Cinematic Certitude
by Naf

Viz One Shot Header Cinematic Certitude Blog

EDITOR’S NOTE: When I first saw Naf’s work, I was impressed by his immense illustration and storytelling skills. But it was the scope and breadth of his ideas that made me excited not only as an editor, but as a reader as well. Enjoy this thrilling story of two soldiers sent on a dangerous search and rescue mission -- will they be able to beat the odds (and the monsters) and survive?

Ancient Melody
by Jonathan Lareva

Viz One Shot Header Ancient Melody Blog

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ever since I came to the U.S., I wanted to work with creators who drew inspiration from Japanese manga, but also kept the character of their unique American origins. Jonathan is exactly that mangaka. When first reading his submission, about a grounded boy dreaming of visiting the cities that float in the sky above him, I knew this story would be special!

Skin & Bone
Story by Josh Tierney, Art by Valentin Serber

Viz One Shot Header Skin Bone Blog

EDITOR’S NOTE: Josh caught my attention with World Piece, where his passionate creative energy was on full display. Actually meeting him confirmed that assessment! And even though this is their first collaboration, Valentin’s impeccable illustration skills bring Josh’s story to life with that same energy. In a world filled with zombies, a bounty hunter and a woman with mysterious powers team up in a battle for survival! I’m already looking forward to seeing what these two create together next!

The Stranger
by Liam Naughton

Viz One Shot Header The Stranger Blog

EDITOR’S NOTE: I felt very nostalgic when I first saw Liam’s characters, as they invoked the manga I was obsessed with as a child. Liam is interested in more than just nostalgia, however. A talented mangaka with a unique perspective, Liam uses fantasy to explore the modern world. Such as with this story, where five years after a bad break up, a woman’s ex unexpectedly comes back into her life, this time, with a mysterious message…

The journey to the next big manga hit starts now! Check back monthly for new one-shots – only in VIZ Manga! To learn more about the VIZ Originals One-Shots program, read more here.