Mazinger Z: INFINITY Rocket Punches Into Theaters

Go Nagai's giant robot masterpiece is reborn in an all-new movie, Mazinger Z: INFINITY!

By Charlene Ingram January 29, 2018

It’s always a rare treat to see anime on the big screen and this time we are happy to announce something HUGE! Coming to U.S. theaters for a special two-night only event, is the all-new film based on Go Nagai’s epic saga, Mazinger Z: INFINITY! Tickets are available now for showings nationwide through Fathom Events. Better yet, you get to see it just one month after Japan’s release and with exclusive video extras at the beginning of each showing. Wow!

Unfamiliar with the EPICNESS of Mazinger Z? Let me tell you a little bit about the movie.

630x354 Screen2

After an opening sequence full of edge-of-your-seat action and ample explosions, we see a world seemingly at peace. Koji Kabuto, now a scientist, finds unearthed a truly limitless Mazin that must be seen to be believed. The control unit alone is amazing (and not just for some well-placed puns). However, behind that power lies a mystery.

630x354 Screen1

What lies ahead for our hero as the rapidly unfolding events lead him into a battle to save humanity once more? We’re not about spoilers over here, but let’s just say fans of the classic series are going to see lots of familiar villains like Baron Ashura, Dr. Hell and lots of Kikaiju. There’s many new faces as well.

630x354 Screen4

Even if you hadn’t watched a Mazinger series since back in the ’80s, this new movie is a splendid feast for the eyes with a story you can enjoy right from the get-go. Check out this trailer for a sneak peek at what we mean:

Don’t have your ticket yet? What on earth are you waiting for! Head on over to our friends at Fathom Events, put in your zip code and find the theater nearest you. And don’t forget, get to the theater early because everyone with a ticket will receive a special Mazinger Z: INFINITY poster for free while supplies last. How’s that for a ROCKET PUNCH!? See ya at the movies February 11 and 12!