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A visually stunning work of sci-fi horror from the creator of Biomega and BLAME!

Created by Tsutomu Nihei | MoreLess about Abara

Tsutomu Nihei debuted with the Shiki Award-winning short story “BLAME!.” Born in 1971 in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, he enjoyed continued success with the Harvey Award-nominated series BLAME! and prequel, NOiSE. His visually striking Snikt! was published by Marvel Comics along with a literally speechless commission by Bungie Studios for the Halo graphic novel.

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Abara: Complete Deluxe Edition

A vast city lies under the shadow of colossal, ancient tombs, the identity of their builders lost to time. In the streets of the city something is preying on the inhabitants, something that moves faster than the human eye can see and leaves unimaginable horror in its wake.

Tsutomu Nihei’s dazzling, harrowing dystopian thriller is presented here in a single-volume hardcover edition featuring full-color pages and foldout illustrations. This volume also includes the early short story “Digimortal.”

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