Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl Galactic Battles Video

Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl Galactic Battles, Set 2

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Ash and his friends are headed to Sinnoh’s snow country, where the weather is the least of their challenges. Dawn and her Pokémon face hard decisions about their future as a team. Ash faces a hard battle against Gym Leader Candice and her mighty Abomasnow—but even if he wins, he’ll still have to beat his rival Paul, who’s determined to avenge a bitter loss from the past. To top it all off, our heroes face a ground-shaking calamity when the Legendary Pokémon Regigigas awakes in Snowpoint Temple! Get ready for more rivals, more revelations, and more adventures!

Release May 10, 2011
UPC 7-82009-24184-3
ISBN-13 782009241843
Trim Size 10 1/16 × 13
Series Pokémon
Category TV Series
Age Rating All Ages