Through the power of the Death Note, Light Yagami is close to creating a world in which he holds ultimate authority over right and wrong. But many obstacles remain, including a second Death Note user who has his own nefarious goals, and the two brilliant protégés of L, the genius detective who once vowed to expose the identity of the Death Note's owner. Light is confident that he can prevail, but as the surviving players in the game converge for a final showdown, whose name will be the last one written in the Death Note?Disc 6:Episode 21 - PerformanceEpisode 22 - GuidanceEpisode 23 - FrenzyEpisode 24 - RevivalEXTRAS: Behind the scenes with Colleen Wheeler "Rem" and Andrew Kavadas "Higuchi"Disc 7:Episode 25 - SilenceEpisode 26 - RenewalEpisode 27 - AbductionEpisode 28 - ImpatienceEXTRAS:Behind the scenes with Alessandro Juliani "L" and French Tickner "Watari"Disc 8:Episode 29: FatherEpisode 30: JusticeEpisode 31: TransferEpisode 32: SelectionEXTRAS:Behind the scenes with David Nurwitz "Mello" and Cathy Weseluck "Near"Disc 9:Episode 33 - ScornEpisdoe 34 - VigilanceEpisode 35 - MaliceEpisode 36 - 1.28Episode 37 - New WorldEXTRAS:Behind the scenes with Heather Doerksen "Kiyomi," Kirby Morrow "Mikami" and Brad Swaile "Light"Disc 10: Bonus Disc - Behind the scenes with the Japanese Voice Actors - Original Japanese Death Note Interstitials - Interview with Animation Director and Character Designer - Conversations with the Japanese Cast and Crew - Expanded Art GalleryEnglish

Release April 14, 2009
Length 400 min.
Series Death Note
Age Rating Teen Plus

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