Ichigo "Strawberry" Kurosaki sees ghosts every day. He can talk to them, channel them, even touch them. It never occurred to him to be afraid of them. Big mistake. Ichigo is about to get schooled in the ways of the Soul Society!

Lesson One:
Soul Reapers exist. Ichigo finds this out quick the day Rukia Kuchiki walks through his bedroom wall and into his life. She's a Soul Reaper with a mission--track down wayward spirits and send them to the Soul Society, where they will rest for eternity.

Lesson Two:
Some ghosts should be feared. They're called Hollows. They're evil spirits who feed on the souls of the innocent, be they living or dead. The more they eat, the more monstrous they become.

Lesson Three:
Ichigo's got massive amounts of spirit energy that attracts Hollows--and one of them is about to suck out the soul of his little sister. When Rukia goes down, unable to fight, there's only one way Ichigo will be able to battle the Hollow and save his sister. He must harness his gift in service to the Soul Society--he must become a Soul Reaper!

Note: Hard Cover

Story and Art by Tite Kubo
Release Aug 5, 2008
Trim Size 5 3/4 × 8 1/4 (w/dust jacket)
Length 192 pages
Series Bleach
Age Rating Teen

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