One Piece

Join Monkey D. Luffy and his swashbuckling crew in their search for the ultimate treasure, the One Piece.

Created by Eiichiro Oda | MoreLess about One Piece

As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber—at the cost of never being able to swim again! Years later, Luffy sets off in search of the One Piece, said to be the greatest treasure in the world...

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One Piece 742: The Bond Between Father and Daughter! Kyros and Rebecca! (Subtitled)

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One Piece 741: A State of Emergency! Rebecca Is Kidnapped! (Subtitled)

One Piece 740: Fujitora Takes Action! The Complete Siege of the Straw Hats! (Subtitled)

One Piece 739: The Strongest Creature! One of the Four Emperors - Kaido, King of the Beasts! (Subtitled)

One Piece 738: The Brothers' Bond! The Untold Story Behind Luffy and Sabo's Reunion! (Subtitled)

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One Piece, Volume 78

With the fate of the people of Dressrosa on the line, the Straw Hats and their allies enter the final phase of the battle against the evil Doflamingo family. But when Luffy faces off against the toughest enemy he's ever met, he'll have to reveal a brand-new ability!

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