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Look below for our full list of events. Go to booth #1501, by the BangZoom! Booth and the Kinokuniya booth.

Thursday July 4th


1:15 – 2:15PM     Shonen Jump: Creating the World’s Most Popular Manga

                           (Room LP2) – Special Announcements at Panel!

Ever wonder what goes into creating the world's most popular manga? We break down the entire process from where it begins in Japan to how it gets digitally released as WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP in North America. Panel will feature former Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief Hisashi Sasaki and current American WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP Editor-in-Chief Andy Nakatani. The panel will be moderated by WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP  Editor Urian Brown. 


6:30 – 7:30PM     Inside the Anime Industry – Why We Do What We Do

(Room LP3)

Join this very special roundtable of industry influencers in a discussion about passion and why we work in the anime and manga business. Seasoned anime and manga industry veterans from Funimation, Dark Horse, The Right Stuf International/ Nozomi Entertainment, Anime News Network, Dark Horse, Aniplex, VIZ Media and more will discuss their personal love of their medium and creating entertainment experiences to remember. Panel will be moderated by Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing, VIZ Media.


Friday July 5th – K Day


11:15 – 12:15pm         K English World Premiere (Room LP1)

Join the English production staff and voice cast for the hit action anime series "K" in the world premiere of the first two episodes (dubbed)


12:15 – 1:15pm  K – Behind the Scenes Q&A (Room LP1) 

Following the premiere of Episodes 1 and 2 of “K,” the staff and cast will host a Q&A panel about the show's production. Meet the U.S. production staff and voice cast along with other surprise guests as they talk about bringing "K" to North America! Stay through the end to receive an exclusive commemorative item!  


2:30 – 3:30pm    K English Voice Cast Autograph Session

(AX Autograph Area)

3:45 – 4pm         K English Voice Actors Photo Op (VIZ Media Booth)

Join the English “K” voice cast for a special autograph session and meet-and-greet with fans! K autograph posters will be provided.  


3:45pm               K Cosplay Gathering (VIZ Media Booth)

Show your love for “K” and come to the VIZ Media booth dressed as your favorite character for a chance to win valuable “K” prizes!


5 – 6pm              K Photo Op with KANAME (VIZ Media Booth)

Meet the internationally renowned cosplayer KANAME, official Saruhiko Fushimi cosplayer from Japan (appearing courtesy of King Records)!


7 – 8pm              Panel: VIZ Anime Featuring Neon Alley (Room LP3)

                           Special Announcements at Panel!

Join the VIZ Animation and Neon Alley teams as they present news and announcements for all things anime. If it's animated, we're gonna talk about it here!  Find out what's new, hot and coming soon to DVD, Blu-ray and the 24/7 uncut anime channel, Neon Alley. You won't want to miss our super special announcements and a chance at some cool prizes!


Saturday July 6th 


11:00 – 12:00pm         NARUTO Fan Gathering, Featuring We Love Fine

(VIZ Media Booth)

Meet other fans of the world’s most popular ninja in this fan meet-up and also sample a variety of custom NARUTO products and apparel on display and available from


2:00 – 3:00pm    Autograph Session with KANAME(VIZ Media Booth) 

Celebrate VIZ Media’s hot new anime series K with the cool and suave cosplayer KANAME as he meets fans in person at the VIZ Media booth. K autograph posters will be provided.  


3:00 – 3:30pm    Special KANAME Photo Session (VIZ Media Booth)

Have your picture taken in an encore photo session with KANAME as he portrays Saruhiko Fushimi from the hit new anime series K.


4:00pm               Neon Alley Fan Gathering (VIZ Media Booth)

Stop by the VIZ Media booth to learn about all the hot new anime premieres and other special content coming up on Neon Alley, the new 24/7 anime channel. Meet other fans and also win fun prizes.


Sunday July 7th


11:00am             Neon Alley Fan Gathering (VIZ Media Booth)

The Neon Alley fun continues into Saturday with new product giveaways and trial memberships to the hottest new 24/7 anime channel available in North America.


12:30 – 1:30PM   VIZ Media Panel (Room LP1)

Get the latest updates & exciting news from VIZ Media staff on new projects, including a sneak peek at the releases in the coming year!

Naruto T-Shirt Design Winners!
NARUTO design contest winning shirts are finally here! 
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Going to AX or SDCC?
 Limited amounts of  the Grand Prize and Judge's Picks winning shirts will be available at Anime Expo and San Diego Comicon.
 Arrive early to the WeLoveFine booth for the best selection! (AX booth#1219, SDCC booth #5647)
Will you get the fan favorite?  Or is Kishimoto's pick, the one for you?



Join Us For "K" Day at Anime Expo

With the recent announcement of the dub of "K", we're making July, 5th "K" day at Anime Expo!  See us at booth #1501 for autograph sessions with the English voice actors or find the Offical Neko Cosplayer for a special surprise!

“K Day!” Festivities start at 11AM in Room LP1 with the special English world premiere of the series, followed by a Behind the Scenes Q&A hosted by staff and English voice cast, including Patrick Seitz (voice of Reisi Munakata), Stephanie Sheh (voice of Neko), Matt Mercer (voice of Kuroh Yatogami) and Keith Silverstein (voice of Mikoto Suoh). The voice cast will also appear at a special autograph session at 2:30PM in the Anime Expo Autograph Area, followed by a photo op at the VIZ Media both at 3:30PM. Finally, cap the day with a photo op at the VIZ Media booth at 5PM with renowned Japanese cosplayer and Anime Expo Industry Guest KANAME☆ (appearing courtesy of King Records) as he portrays his latest creation, “K” character Saruhiko Fushimi. Fans that purchase a specially selected “K” item from the Kinokuniya Booth (1401) will receive an exclusive ticket for a one-on-one photo with KANAME☆.

For those who can’t attend K Day, the celebration continues throughout the show. Fans of “K” are invited to participate in the Neko Hunt. Find the official “K” anime Neko cosplayer around the Anime Expo grounds and receive a cool Neko bell! Fans can also stop by the VIZ Media booth to play a special “K” themed version of the King's Game. On Saturday July 5th at 3:30, cosplayer KANAME☆ takes a turn as King! Please check the daily VIZ Media booth schedule for full details.

K – A First Look

VIZ Anime’s newest show K envelopes itself in a world secretly ruled by those who call themselves ‘Kings’. Rather than a monarchy, they are more like Mafioso, some a little more anarchistic and some a little more chivalrous. Central to the story are three elements; the Red King, a stoic and dreary eyed chain smoker, Mikoto Suoh and his posse the HOMRA; the Blue King, suave and sharp Reisi Munakata and his small battalion, SCEPTER 4; and the dreamy-eyed blasé, Yashiro Isana as the medium.  Enjoying the serenity he feels in this alternate Japan, Yashiro is dismayed to discover he is the focus of violence for his uncanny resemblance to HOMRA’s latest target.


K does a fine job in setting the mood in its first episode, capturing the science fiction aspect in the power that these characters hold (using psychic powers in the style of fire and force fields). The elements of fantasy do not make the story intangible as the artistic style melds together the sense of city life and system of hierarchy. Music cadence becomes a character in itself with beats provided by Mikio Endo in composition, as well as a mystifying opening theme by the band angela, provide a playful awareness and familiar hip hop aspect during altercations between the HOMRA and SCEPTER 4.


All in all, K is a stunning example of animation with breath-taking visuals and a killer soundtrack; definitely a must watch for this season.


Watch K now:

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