Excel Saga, Volume 8
Story and Art by Rikdo Koshi
Good morning, angels of death! The elegant Elgala is here, to make three (human) members in the--what's the opposite of elite?--strike force serving ACROSS. But you know Lord Il Palazzo's name ain't Charlie, and this spiral-sideburned siren will fail to provide a moderating force between Excel and Hyatt. In fact her drilly tresses prove an auger of bad tidings, and before they know it the trio are screwed--phrasing carefully crafted to restrain our laughter, for homelessness isn't
funny. Except, of course, when it happens to the cast of Excel Saga, in which case it's a laff riot! When their apartment burns to the ground, the good guys in residence can at least crash at the office--but when you work for ACROSS and your office is a flooded basement studio (1BA, 1THRN), it looks like the bad girls are going to have to get their beauty rest under corrugated cardboard.

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