Excel Saga, Volume 10
Story and Art by Rikdo Koshi
Finding a ready (and willing!) audience at a small-town retail outlet, Excel preaches the word of ACROSS. She's a smash success (as a performance artist), until Iwata and gang arrive in robotic attire. Poor Excel...does she have what it takes to right the wrongs of society--or will the elegantly military El Gala take her glory away? In a crisis of faith, Excel strikes out on her own--leaving a note behind for her beloved Il Palazzo. Meanwhile--who knew?--Sumoyoshi's tasty little sister comes to town on a visit. Then, if there wasn't already enough isolation and despair in the world, the whole group is transported back to High School Daze (remember, this book is rated "T" for teen!).

Yes, head-master Kabapu, we like beach volleyball, especially when the gorgeous girls of ACROSS are involved...saving the world, one bikini at a time.

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